Over the years, we have found that the vast majority of questions we receive from customers relate to the Roofing side of our business. Customers are rightly concerned about repairs to their Roofs and full roof replacements, probably because we are working at height and there are all sorts of health and safety implications to this area of work. So, we've put together a snapshot of the types of Roofing questions we have generally received which, though by no means exhaustive, should provide a general picture.

Obviously we can't cover every query, so if you need any further assistance just give us a ring on the  number above, or you can e-mail us - info@mcroofingservices.com

Alternatively, visit our contact page for our postal address.


Q. My roof is leaking what should I do?

Ring our number below and we will advise the best solution depending on how serious the leak is.


Q. How long until you can come and have a look at my roof?

When you call us  we will arrange a suitable time for us to visit your property usually in the next 48 hours.


Q. How much would it cost me to get a quote for my roof?

MC Building & Roofing Services supplies free estimates and quotations.


Q. I have a leak in my roof but it looks in good condition. Do you do repair work or just renewals?

Yes we do a lot of repair work, if that's all that needs doing that's all we'll do.


Q. What does my house/building insurance cover me for?

Differs depending on the insurance company but most cover you for storm damage, for example disturbed ridge tiles and broken tiles.


Q. What is the procedure when making an insurance claim?

You usually receive 3 quotes from different roofing companies and the insurance company goes with the cheapest.


Q. Can MC Building & Roofing Services deal with the insurance company direct?

In some cases yes.


Q. I work all day. Do I have to be in when you come to look at my roof?

Not necessarily. If we can gain access, such as a side roof or garage roof, then no, you do not need to be home when we come to measure up.


Q. How will I know that the work will be carried out to a quality and reliable standard?

MC Building & Roofing Services guarantees work to a high quality. Additionally, all new roofs usually require a building notice and are inspected by a local authority approved surveyor.


Q. I think that the work on my roof may need some scaffolding, do we have to get this ourselves?

No, we will arrange a scaffold for you.


Q. I live in a terraced house with limited access to my garden. How is it possible to work on the back roof?

Sometimes we can use roof ladders which are accessible from the front. In other cases we will arrange a scaffold causing you minimum disturbance.


Q. How do I know if I need a new roof?

Common symptoms are missing, cracked or curling slates and tiles; blistering or peeling paint; slate/tile decay; leakage in the attic after heavy rain; stains on interior walls or ceilings.


Q. How often should I clean my gutters?

Gutters should be cleaned at least once in the summer and twice in the winter.


Q: What is your guarantee?

All work is guaranteed, and re-roofs, either to traditional homes or to flat roofs are usually provided with an insurance-backed guarantee for a minimum period of 25 years.


Q: Will rubbish and debris from the old roof damage my house and garden?

We take the time to protect and cover all areas as appropriate.


Q. Do you carry out u-PVC work and work to flat roofs as well as working on traditional-build homes?

Yes – see our separate pages on u-PVC and Flat Roofing for more information.


Q: What types of roofing do you install?

We install all types of roofing, including slate, tiled, pitched and flat roofs.


In summary - New roofing services & repairs; emergency roof repairs; high-quality u-PVC installations - typically to guttering, down pipes, soffits, barge and facia boards; flat roofng - from minor repairs to full replacement; slating; tiling; skylights; velux wndows; chimney stack repairs  and renewals including pointing; lead work and lead flashings.

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